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Everyone panic

2017-11-17 19:21:28 by Halo-Halo

My voice is starting to crack.



I need to take a break before it gets worse :(


I already pre-recorded a lot of vocal sessions, so If you see INFINITY, Sound Unity, SK¥LIGHT,  or SP€CTRUM release a track that has (feat. Halo), don't stress about it. 


I need to drink some tea...

I'll be resting my voice to prevent it from getting a lot worse, I'm not able to be here as much as j used to,  but I'll try to be here as often as I can 


Bye guys! See ya after thanksgiving!!




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2017-11-17 19:23:01

On a scale of one to ten, how much do you like my voice??


2017-11-18 07:55:53

10 all the way, dude!
Coming Home had my favorite vocals, BTW, so keep going like that; it sounds great!